Friday, March 25, 2011

I get Allergies

March 25 (1)
March 25 (2)
March 25 (3)
March 25 (4)
March 25 (5)
March 25 (6)
March 25 (7)
March 25 (8)
March 25 (9)

When: Friday March 25, 2011

White tee: Target
Floral skirt: ? (Panama)
Black Bow belt: From this seller on eBay
Red wedges: ? (Panama)
Red Xoxo purse: Macy's
Rainbow Jewelry: Present from my parents

Went to work and rested at home.

I think I have never mentioned this before, but I suffer of allergies. Nothing serious or anything, just the common sniffles and watery eyes. Anything from dust, pollen, or even changes of temperature can get me into a sneezing frenzy!
March 25 (10)
Today was one of those days that I suddenly had allergies. I had plans to go out with my friends tonight, but I ended up staying at home resting. Oh well, like my dad always says, "if this is my problem, than it really isn't that bad"... in other words, there are much worse things in life.

The good news is that this fun and colorful rainbow jewelry kept me smiling all day long no matter how I felt.... don't you love it when that happens :)
March 25 (11)

Do any of you suffer of allergies?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
03 March 25 (1)
03 March 25 (2)

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