Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summery outdoor pictures

Feb 07 (1)
Feb 07 (2)
Feb 07 (3)
Feb 07 (4)
Feb 07 (5)
Feb 07 (6)
Feb 07 (7)
Feb 07 (8)
Feb 07 (9)

When: Tuesday February 7, 2012

Blue top: ? (Panama)
Light blue skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Pink wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Toad ring: From Modcloth.com
Swan ring: From Amazon.com

Work + Helped my sister make a delicious 9 layer dip (also helped devour it of course)

Its official, it's Summer here in Panama! The sun is bright, the day is hot, and the photoshoots outdoors reign once again. As some of you probably know, Panama only has two seasons: Summer and Rainy season.
Feb 07 (10)
During the rainy season, I don't take as many pictures outside because the day is gray and the lighting is not the most flattering.But now that its officially summer here in Panama, I'm going to try my best to take more pictures outdoors!

Do you take most of your outfit pictures indoors or outdoors?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this light blue skirt:
012 Feb 07 (1)
012 Feb 07 (2)

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