Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Blue!

Feb 15 (1)
Feb 15 (2)
Feb 15 (3)
Feb 15 (4)

When: Wednesday February 15, 2012

White collar shirt: Christmas present from my parents (Panama)
Black belt: ? (Panama)
Blue pants: Madison (Panama)
Blue wedges: Estampa (Panama)
Blue purse: Borrowed from my mom
Flower charm: Present from my friends
Star charm: Present from my boyfriend
Multi-strand turquoise necklace: Present from my friends
All the rest of the necklaces: ? (Panama)

Work + Movies with my family to watch War Horse

Today I decided to just go blue! I saw the below image a couple of weeks ago and thought it was such an easy chic idea that I decided to try it today!

I'm also pretty happy today because I'm wearing a pretty special necklace. I couldn't decide whether to wear the flower charm my friends gave me or the star charm my boyfriend gave me. So what did I do? I wore both! I love that I have both my friends and my boyfriend near my heart. Now I just need a charm for my family!

Feb 15 (5)

Oh, and of course I can't help but post yet ANOTHER cute kitty photo. One of our new kittens is currently obsessed with plastic bags. He just loves hiding behind them! CUTE!
Feb 15 (6)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these blue pants:
02 Feb 15

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