Monday, February 27, 2012

Closet Inventory: Shoe-Addict for sure :)

06 June 11 - Sugar Doll Award (12)
**This is a pretty old picture of my shoe collection. Now there are a lot less sneakers and a lot more high heels :)

A lovely (and very patient) reader once asked me to post an inventory list of all of my items of clothing and accessories. As fun as that sounds (and it does sound fun, I love making lists!), I truly have so many things that it would be really hard to list them all. So, I thought that a good substitute would be to post an inventory of my vast shoe collection!

Let me start by saying that I have A LOT of shoes (to say I'm a shoe addict would be a true understatement). In my defense, shoes are very inexpensive here in Panama (I'm talking about $10-$15 shoes!!) and I keep shoes for many many years (I have shoes as old as 8 years old!).

Anyway, here is the list of shoes I own organized by color. Click on each link if you want to see an outfit of me wearing each shoe. Hope you like it!

1. Red flats
2. Red Peep toe wedges
3. Burgundy floral heels
4. Red & Brown plaid heels
5. Red & Black floral heels
6. Red & Fucsia color block heels
7. Red boots

8. Orange sequin flats
9. Orange & White striped wedges
10. Coral wedges

11. Yellow plaid flats (unworn on blog)
12. Yellow bow wedges
13. Yellow & Red floral heels
14. Neon Yellow heels (Pending arrival in mail)

15. Mint green flats (unworn on blog)
16. Green & White circle flats (unworn on blog)
17. Green & Black clover sneakers (unworn on blog)
18. Green wedges
19. Lime Green wedges
20. Olive Safari heels
21. Neon Green heels (Pending arrival in mail)

22. Light blue plaid flats (unworn on blog)
23. Turquoise & white flats
24. Blue jean flats
25. Turquoise eyelet wedges
26. Turquoise wedges
27. Turquoise Boat shoes (unworn on blog)
28. Blue heels
29. Blue sequin heels

30. Purple & White flats (unworn on blog)
31. Lilac wedges
32. Purple wedges
33. Purple ombre heels
34. Dark purple peep-toe heels

35. Light pink floral flats (unworn on blog)
36. Pink star print flats (unworn on blog)
37. Pink plaid flats (unworn on blog)
38. Pink & White circles flats (unworn on blog)
39. Black & Pink Xoxo sneakers (unworn on blog)
40. Pink bow wedges
41. Fucsia wedges
42. Fucsia heels
43. Pink pumps
44. Pink leopard heels
45. Black & Pink bow heels

46. Beige wedge
47. Beige pumps with white bow
48. Beige Pumps
49. Light cream Mary Jane heels
50. Beige & Black booties
51. Beige boots

52. Brown & white flats
53. Copper flats
54. Brown wedges with buckle
55. Dark brown wedge (unworn on blog)
56. Brown peep toe wedges
57. Brown ombre heels
58. Copper heels
59. Brown leopard heels
60. Caramel brown boots
61. Dark brown boots
62. Dark Brown sneakers (unworn on blog)

63. Black simple flats (unworn on blog)
64. Black sneaker flats (unworn on blog)
65. Black skull flats (unworn on blog)
66. Black & Grey stripped flats
67. Black low wedges
68. Black high wedges
69. Black & White polka dot wedges
70. Black & White polka dot heels with purple bow
71. Black heels with silver rhinestones
72. Black peep-toe bow heels
73. Black pumps (old)
74. Black pumps (new)
75. Black sequin pumps
76. Black booties
77. Black boots

78. Grey kitten heels (unworn on blog)
79. Grey heels
80. Dark Grey lace trim heels

81. White & Red floral wedges

82. Silver flats
83. Silver glitter pumps
84. Silver, Gold & black heels

85. Gold gladiator wedges
86. Gold heels

87. White & Multi circle flats (unworn on blog)
88. Orange & Multi splash heels
89. Purple & Muli patterned heels
90. Purple & Blue floral wedges
91. Green & Blue color block wedge (Pending arrival in mail)
92. Multi-color floral rainboots
93. Multi-color floral wedges

94. White exercise sneakers (unworn on blog)

Yes, that's right, 94 pairs of shoes. Surprised? Oh, I should be ashamed of myself you say? Well, I am a little ashamed.... ...aaaaaw, who am I kidding? I love shoes! I'll probably keep buying away no matter how many I have :)

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