Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Plaid Week: Candyland!








When: November 3, 2009

Blue plaid dress: Panama
Black long cardi: Panama
Rocker purse: Panama
Pink Tights: JC Penny's
Black Boots: Skechers
White belt: Panama

Where: College and an evening of catching up with The Vampire Diaries series (does anyone else watch this or am I alone here?)

I felt like Candyland in this outfit!! I looooooove Candyland! Its my dream come true! I have always loved sweets, and I wish I could eat them all day! Candy, candy, CANDY! Ok ok, enough fantasizing with the candies, lets get down to business.

I wanted to wear something very bright today, so this is what I decided on. I chose to the pair this light blue dress with the bright pink tights because it has hints of pink in its pattern. Since the outfit was already very bright, I kept the rest of the outfit neutral. I really love how it turned out, I felt like a walking candy! (which in my silly mind is a wonderful thing!)

Now that we are talking about my secret obsession with Candyland, I just remembered I did a little project on that last year. Take a look:

Bizcochito 6 Month Anniversary Gifts - July 30 (14)

Wouldn't this be a dream come true?

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