Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half in the sun and half in the shadow

Nov 28 (1)
Nov 28 (3)
Nov 28 (2)
Nov 28 (4)
Nov 28 (5)
Nov 28 (6)

When: November 28, 2009

Floral dress: Panama
Grey blazer: Forever XXI
White knit scarf: Present from my brother (Europe)
Black tights: Target
Green shoes: Panama
White Nine West purse: TJ Max
Black floral brooch: Forever XXI
Black hat: Target

Where: Making outfits all day and enjoying left-over pumpkin pie! yum!

I am slowly and reluctantly letting go of my summer dresses for this winter... jeje, I like them so much! Here I tried to make it a little more appropiate for fall by adding the blazer, the chunky knit scarf, and the hat. I love the pop of color from the green shoes, I really should wear these more often. And the floral brooch is just a feminine chic detail. I was pretty happy with my ensamble, even if it wasnt completely fall appropiate. Who cares, it makes me happy :)

I really didnt know where to take my photos today. Some places were too sunny, and others were in the shadows. So I conformed to a half sunny and half shadow spot.. jeje, get the best of both worlds.

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