Monday, November 9, 2009

The BIG cookie

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When: November 9, 2009

White dress: Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
Pink tights: JC Penny's
Beige boots: Panama
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Floral scarf: JC Penny's

Where: a BIG cookie baking day!

Nothing better than a batch of chocolate chip cookies right? WRONG! Instead of having little cookies, wouldn't you rather eat one HUGE cookie!! jajaja, well that's what I wanted today so that is exactly what I made! This huge cookie is eaten with a spoon and it tastes great with some vanilla ice cream! Can't wait to eat it as dessert after dinner tonight.

I'm really liking my outfit today, its like a fall version of a summery outfit. I took advantage of the rare warm weather to wear this white summer dress for the last time. I wanted to wear a pop of color in the tights, so I decided on the pink ones and added a patterned scarf to pull it together. I also loooove this jean jacket because I feel its shape is super chic and modern.

PS: I tried to do a side braid today, but all the layers in my hair were being rebellious against the idea... oh well, I wore it around anyway... it went with the cute look I was aiming for.

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