Friday, November 20, 2009

My name is Marie McGrath, and I am a Twihard :)

Nov 20 (1)

Nov 20 (2)

Nov 20 (3)

Nov 20 (4)

Nov 20 (5)

Nov 20 (6)

Nov 20 (7)

Nov 20 (8)

Nov 20 (9)
I just could NOT get over the size of this leaf! So cool!

When: November 20, 2009

Grey dress: Ross dress for less
Purple jacket: Panama
Rainbow belt: B-Day present from my mom and dad :)
Black tights: Target
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Turquoise scarf: Panama
Turquoise purse: Panama

Where: A walk around the mall, sushi dinner again!, and saw New Moon, the Twilight Saga.

My name is Marie McGrath, and I am a Twihard (Twilight fan)... Ok, maybe I am not THAT obsessed with Twilight, but I do really like the books and the movies. I'm a sucker for romantic stories, so I couldnt help loving the books and the movies! weeee, does anyone else like Twilight or am I alone here?!?! jjeje

In terms of the outfit, I really wanted to wear this star rainbow belt, since I havent worn it yet. Since it has so many colors, I thought it would be a good idea to pair it with a neutral dress... but then I felt like I had too little colors so I added the purple jacket and the turquoise accesories (I am also an adict for blue & purple together... jeje). I felt very happy with my outfit, I feel the belt really makes everything more special :)... I was even more happy because I FINALLY got to see New Moon today! Yai! Such wonderful days!

PS: This is the first time I wear this dress, so I guess there arent any remixed outfits today... jeje sorry! ;)

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