Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Cork Board project

Corck board craft (1)
Here is the craft I finished the other day! I am so proud of it! I decided to make these four cork boards filled with things that make me happy... and it turned out better than I thought it would :)

I started off with four thin cork boards I bought at Walmart.
Corck board craft (2)
Then I decided to give each one a theme. I started with one that would inspire me to pursue my dreams.
Corck board craft (3)
Then I added photos and pictures of things that remind me of those dreams. Some of the dreams I added here include going to Europe with my boyfriend someday, riding a horse once more, owning a golden retriever, and visiting my brother living in Spain.
Corck board craft (4)
The second block was dedicated to all the happiness my boyfriend gives me :)
Corck board craft (5)
Then I added pictures of fun and romantic things we have done together.
Corck board craft (6)
The third block is dedicated to all sorts of things that inspire me.
Corck board craft (9)
There I added some pictures from when I modeled as well as pictures of other things that inspire me to be fashionable and accomplish my goals.
Corck board craft (10)
The last block is my happiness block! Of course I had to have a happiness block, you know me :)
Corck board craft (7)
Here I added pictures of things that automatically make me smile. So pictures of my family laughing and jokes I have shared with my brothers are immediate pick me ups!
Corck board craft (8)
I am so glad I made this fun craft! It's a permanent reminder of where I want to go, what I want to accomplish, as well as to enjoy each step of the way!

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