Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good thing it broke!

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When: Wednesday February 17, 2010

Orange turtleneck: I think it used to be my mom's back in the day :)
Floral skirt: Saks (Panama)
Brown belt: Pull & Bear (Europe)
Brown tights: Target
Beige boots: El Costo (Panama)

Where: Spent the day planning out all the events, trips, and duties I have. Then I made a long, detailed, and obsessive schedule... jaja, I'm such an organization freak :)

Today I wanted to wear something bright and "me". A floral skirt + bright colors pretty much equals my go-to outfit. Today's outfit has a special item in it though, these gorgeous multi-color earrings. They have a funny story to them too!
Feb 17 (8)
When my parents came to visit me last year for my birthday, I wore these earrings on a BBQ night. I bought these earrings because they have such pretty colors, but they were always crooked and would face anywhere but forward.
Feb 17 (11)
That day, my mom insisted in fidgeting with my earrings trying to fix them as I insisted to just let it be. Then SNAP!... it broke... jaja I thought it was sorda funny really (you know, always keep smiling is my modo).
Feb 17 (9)
Then we worked on fixing it and who would have known? it turned out straight! We even had to break the other earring to straighten it out too... jaja
Feb 17 (10)

I haven't made any outfits with this top or skirt, so I decided to post some orange-y outfits instead :)
02 Feb 17

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