Sunday, December 27, 2009

Super special X-mas shopping

Dec 23 (1)
Dec 23 (2)
Dec 23 (3)
Dec 23 (4)
Dec 23 (5)
Dec 23 (6)
Dec 23 (7)

When: Wednesday December 23, 2009

Brown skirt: Panama
White top: Panama
Jean jacket: Panama
Pink wedges: Panama
Pink purse: borrowed from my mom
Beige hat: Panama

Where: X-Mas shopping with my entire family and a birthday get-together with my friends.

I like today's look!! I feel its so cute! I especially love this outfit because I am wearing my "Gingerbread skirt". For some reason, the border pattern and color of this skirt reminds me of a Gingerbread house or something like that, and as I have said several times, I love gingerbread houses!! Yai! Happy outfits are so fun :)

Today I had a super special x-mas shopping experience with my entire family. It is very few the times that all of us can go out together, so it was super special to me! I again really enjoyed all the Christmas decorations at the mall. In this case, it was a HUGE Christmas tree!
Dec 23 (8)
Dec 23 (9)
Here is another way in which I've worn these pink wedges:

12 Dec 23

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