Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blizzard time

Dec 19 (1)
Dec 19 (2)
Dec 19 (3)Dec 19 (4)
Dec 19 (5)
Dec 19 (6)
Dec 19 (7)

When: Saturday December 19, 2009

Roses dress: Forever XXI
Mustard cardi: Target
Brown tights: Target
Red ribbon belt: Panama
Brown boots: Payless Shoe Source
Red XoXo purse: Panama

Where: Packing my suitcases all day, cleaning my apartment, and rescheduling my traveling plans (my flight got cancelled :( )

What do you all think regarding ruffles? I used to believe they looked nice on other people, but that they werent my "style". Then I encountered this rose dress and fell in love! I looove this dress so much, I have worn it to death since I got it. I had this idea of re-emphasizing the ruffles by macking them peek out of a semi-closed cardi. I really like the results! I also liked the idea of addign a red ribbon as a belt in order to make the outfit even cuter.

The famous blizzard that has been affecting so many places also affected me today. It started off strong but very pretty, something like this:
Dec 19 (8)

But by the end of the night, the snow was pilled up so high it was impossible to walk in all of that snow! I couldn't believe how much snow had fallen! It was so much that the bushes outside my apartment looked like little bumps in the snow, jejeje:
Dec 19 (10)

In fact, it was SO much snow that some cars were swallowed by it:
Dec 19 (11)

Of course, like so many people traveling at this time of the year, one of my flights to return home for the holidays was cancelled. I had to do all sorts of magical plans to how to get there, not that any of them worked... jeje, more on that in the next post :)

Here are other ways in which I've worn this beloved rose dress:

11 Nov 18 (11)12 Dec 19 (4)
12 Dec 19 (2)12 Dec 19 (3)

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