Saturday, April 21, 2012

Orange you glad :)

April 19 (1)April 19 (2)April 19 (3)April 19 (4)April 19 (5)April 19 (6)
April 19 (7)

When: Thursday April 19, 2012

Dress: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Shoes: Via Vai (Panama)
Bangles: Via Vai (Panama)

Work + Re-organized my entire shoe collection (photos on that soon!)

Is today's outfit bold or what?! I felt like a walking crayon! I know the dress and tights look kind of red in the pictures, but it's really a bright orange color.
April 19 (8)

I'm sure this outfit is too colorful for some of you, but I really like it! The dress and tights go together perfectly and make me look long and lean. Plus, I'm a color lover, so its only natural for me to wear a head to toe orange look ... hehe ;)

Here are the two times that I have worn dresses with matching colorful tights:
04 April 19

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