Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lady in Red

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When: Saturday April 28, 2012

Dress: Impacto (Panama)
Purse: ? (Panama)
Shoes: ? (Panama)
Necklace & Swirly ring: Borrowed (used to be my great-grandmother's)
Earrings: Borrowed from my mom
Other diamond ring: Present for my 15th birthday.

A gorgeous wedding reception. The decorations were beyond gorgeous and the food was exquisite!

Today I decided to wear this red dress to a wedding my boyfriend was invited to. Even though the shape of the dress is very simple, I felt very bold because of its bright red color. Also, I just love sweetheart necklines, don't you?!
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I decided to go very glam by having my hair done at a salon. It was hard to explain what hairstyle I wanted, but ultimately the hairdresser made exactly what I wanted. I am completely in love with this updo, I wish I could wear my hair like this every single day! hahaha. 
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Anyways, I felt super glamorous today. Something about being the "Lady in Red" and wearing some special family jewels just made me feel like a princess.

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