Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 30 minute thunder storm

April 16 (1)
April 16 (2)
April 16 (3)
April 16 (4)
April 16 (5)
April 16 (6)
April 16 (7)
April 16 (8)

When: Friday April 6, 2010

Black maxi dress: Saks (Panama) (just $8!!!)
Turquoise jacket: Christmas present from my parents
Silver flats: BMB (Panama)
Silver purse: ? (Panama)

Where: Grocery shopping and tasted corn dogs for the first time!! they were tasty!

The weather today was probably one of the weirdest ever! jaja. My boyfriend and I were waiting in the bright and burning sun for the bus to arrive when suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a really strong thunder storm! It suddenly started to rain cats and dogs and there was a looooooot of wind. We had to run back to the apartments, jajaja laughing all the way as we chased each other!
April 16 (9)
The weirdest part was that after only 25 to 30 minutes, it stopped raining and it became bright and sunny again! jaja. Is the spring weather always so unpredictable?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this turquoise mini-jacket:
04 April 16

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