Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chirstmas presents

Dec 29 (1)
Dec 29 (2)
Dec 29 (3)
Dec 29 (4)
Dec 29 (5)

When: Thursday December 29, 2011

Michael Kors leopard dress: Saks (Panama)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Brown blazer: ? (Panama)
Beige heels: Via Vai (Panama)
Red purse: Christmas present from my parents
Bulova watch: Christmas present from my parents

Work + Watched my brother play video-games :)

I have this little tradition I like to do every year with my Christmas presents. I like to get them all together in one pile in my room, wait a day, and then go through them one by one. It's as if I saw the presents all for the first time once more! It's so much fun... hehe.
Dec 29 (6)

Do any of you do this or do you put your gifts away right after Christmas?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this leopard dress:
12 Dec 29

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