Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thoughtful gift

Jan 21 (1)
Jan 21 (2)
Jan 21 (3)
Jan 21 (4)
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Jan 21 (7)

When: Saturday January 21, 2012

Dress: Saks (Panama)
Lace trench: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Black pumps: Present from my friends
Rose clutch: La Onda (Panama)
Panda ring:

Work half a day + Napped in the afternoon (a much needed rest) + Dinner with my friends.

Every Christmas, my friends and I decide to play Secret Santa and give each other presents. This year we were all so busy that we couldn't celebrate our Secret Santa until today!

I was SOOO surprised with the thoughtful present I received this year! Everything about the present showed how much thought and care my friend put into it: the bag was blue (my favorite color) with a star balloon (I LOVE stars!), oh and the presents inside were just per-fect!
Jan 21 (8)

The presents inside were all Candyland themed! I dunno if I have ever mentioned it before, but I am completely obsessed with candy products. My friend somehow remembered that about me and gave me a donut charm, smores earrings, a gumdrop umbrella, Nerd flavored chapstick, and lots of chocolate kisses!
Jan 21 (9)

I couldn't believe that my friend knew me as well as he did. This present made me feel super special and loved :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
01 Jan 21
01 Jan 21 (2)

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