Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vacations Part 1: Windy beach

Jan 03 (1)

I thought it would be fun to share just a couple of pictures of my family vacation at a beach called Playa Venao!

The hotel were we stayed at was right on the beach. You could hear the sound of the ocean anywhere you went.

We had a wonderful time walking on the beach...
Jan 03 (2)
Jan 03 (3)

...lying in hammocks while listening to the sound of the waves...
Jan 03 (4)

...and enjoying the beautiful sunsets.
Jan 03 (5)

Even Gorilon relaxed and had a wonderful time.
Jan 03 (6)
Jan 03 (7)

I'm not really a huge beach lover (I'm more of a mountain girl), but I really truly enjoyed this mini-vacation at the beach with my family :)
Jan 03 (8)

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