Thursday, January 19, 2012

The beautiful Casco Viejo

Jan 13 (1)
Jan 13 (2)
Jan 13 (3)
Jan 13 (4)
Jan 13 (5)
Jan 13 (6)
Jan 13 (7)

When: Friday January 13, 2012

White dress: c/o
Brown clutch: Via Vai (Panama)
Hansel and Gretel necklace: From this site
Gingerbread earrings: From this site

Work + Lunch and an afternoon walk in Casco Viejo, a gorgeous local historical area + Dinner at my brother Daniel's new apartment.

Tomorrow my brother Mike leaves on a plane back to Europe (boo hoo!). To celebrate his last day in Panama, we all decided to go to one of Panama's most beautiful historical areas: Casco Viejo! This area is rich in history and beautiful scenery.
Jan 13 (8)
Jan 13 (9)

It was wonderful to walk around the area taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful sunset.
Jan 13 (10)

Of course, our family being as silly as it always is, we couldn't resist taking some funny pictures as well:
Jan 13 (11)
Jan 13 (12)
Jan 13 (13)
Jan 13 (14)
**Lets just say it was a very very windy day...

Apart from the beautiful view of the city, Casco Viejo also has a pretty floral walkway that is beautiful to walk through.
Jan 13 (15)
Jan 13 (16)

It was definitely the perfect way to enjoy our last day with my brother Mike. His visit to Panama has been beyond magical. There really is nothing like having the entire family together for the Holidays. We will miss you so much Mike!!
Jan 13 (17)

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