Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Merry Christmas Together

Dec 25 (1)
Christmas this year was nothing short of wonderful. As I mentioned the other day, my brother who lives in Europe decided to spend Christmas in Panama this year (for the first time in about 5 years), so everything was extra special this year with his presence.

My parents really outdid themselves this year with Christmas decorations and presents. I still feel like a kid waking up on Christmas morning and running out to see what "Santa" left under our tree.
Dec 25 (2)

We ate treats...
Dec 25 (9)

...opened presents...
Dec 25 (4)
Dec 25 (5)

...and we thanked and hugged each other.
Dec 25 (6)

My Boyfriend surprised me this year with a HUGE monkey plushie!!! (For all you new readers, my boyfriend and I call each other monkeys and love all things monkey). I am in love with this ginormous monkey!! We've named him Gorilon, which means Big Gorilla in Spanish.
Dec 25 (7)

I'm not the only one who loves my new monkey, my grandmother also loved it too!
Dec 25 (8)

We also took advantage that the entire family was together to take a family picture. We were all just so happy to be together.
Dec 25 (10)

By far, this year was one of the best Christmases we have ever had. Having my brother Mike here for the holidays was the best blessing we could have ever wished for. I am so happy that we are all together :)
Dec 25 (11)

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