Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beggining to look a lot like Christmas...

Dec 08 (1)
Today my family and I decorated our Christmas tree! Yippie! I absolutely love decorating the Christmas tree every year. I especially enjoyed it this year since I missed it the last two years (I was studying and living in the U.S.)

To get into the Holiday spirit, we all wore these adorable Christmas hair clips my mom bought. We all looked so funny :)

We even had the pets get dressed up for the occasion:
Dec 08 (6)

**My cat wouldn't let me clip it on her head, so the behind was the best I could manage... hehe.

Our Christmas tree is very homey and informal. It doesn't really have a specific theme, it's more like a collection of memories that we have been gathering throughout the years. I love it just the way it is.
Dec 08 (7)
Dec 08 (8)
**I put the star up this year! My dad held on to me to make sure I didn't fall down... hehe

Each of us kids (my brothers, sister, and I) have a Christmas ornament with our name on it that an Aunt made us when we were born. It always feels special to put up one's ornament; mine has cute teddy bears:

At the end of the night, my Grandmother came to visit to watch us finish up the tree. All in all, a wonderful day filled with Christmas cheer :)
Dec 08 (10)

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