Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the year with a challenge!

Discovering our Surroundings - June 27 (20)

I'm going to start off this fantastic 2010 year with a challenge! This was inspired by everyone's suggestions on how to improve my blog, so I thank you all for the great ideas!

I will be leaving to the countryside and the beach today and will be returning on Monday. I am the typical person that always takes a HUGE bag filled with clothes and accesories for just a weekend! So for this mini trip, my challenge is to remix the following items as much as possible to get through the 4 days:

I will be taking two skirts (white & green), one jean jacket, and two tops (blue and white):
Jan 1 (4)
I am also challenged to only wear two sets of shoes, belt, and purse:
Jan 1 (2)
In this challenge, I am allowing myself unlimited accesories since they dont' require much space. But just in case you were curious on how much I am taking, I took a pic of that too:
Jan 1

I am also taking my bathing suit and all the other beach necessities. But other than that, this is all I am taking so wish me luck!
Where I am going there isn't any internet, so I won't be posting until Monday night :( ... Don't forget to come back though and see how I remixed all these items to make different and original outfits!! Have a nice weekend!

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