Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funky, I know!

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Jan 27 (2)
Jan 27 (3)
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When: Wednesday January 27, 2010

Purple dress: Panama
Stripped jacket: Hot Topic
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Black tights: Target
Black Skecher boots: BMB (Panama)
Gold purse: present from my parents
Black beret: H&M
Multi-chain necklace: Forever XXI
Black floral pin: Forever XXI

Where: Working on a Valentine's day craft! Stay tuned to see a sneek peak!

Sometimes when I am thinking about what to wear, I come up with some "interesting" outfits such as this one. It is what my family and I commonly call "Funky outfits"... jajaja, it refers to outfits such as this one that are sorda "out there".
Jan 27 (8)
But like most things in my life, if it makes me happy than that is all there is to it! And it does make me happy, so here I am wearing my funky outfits! jeje.

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this purple dress:
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