Thursday, January 21, 2010

Safari shoes

Jan 18 (1)
Jan 18 (2)
Jan 18 (3)
Jan 18 (4)
Jan 18 (5)
Jan 18 (6)
Jan 18 (7)

When: Monday January 18, 2010

Mexican top: Madison (Panama)
Yellow skirt: El Titan (Panama)
Brown obi belt: Pull & Bear (Europe)
Safari shoes: La Onda (Panama)
Brown purse: borrowed from my mom

Shopped with my mom and ate dinner with my mom and sister.

Today I am wearing my "Safari shoes" for the first time! We call them Safari because they have a leafy jungle print to them. They are probably the tallest shoes I own, but they are still loads of fun!
Jan 18 (9)
Today's outfit turns around this pretty mexican top my parents just recently bought me. The reason I love it so much is because of all the pretty details it has all over the place! I love the colors and designs of the front of the top:
Jan 18 (10)
I also love how the shoulders "open" and also have pretty details:
Jan 18 (11)
Yai, another happy outfit! I had such a wonderful time shopping with my mother and eating dinner with my sister. Those are the things I will be missing the most once I am back in the U.S :)
Jan 18 (12)
Here are a couple of other ways in which I've worn this belt:
01 Jan 18 (4)01 Jan 18
01 Jan 18 (3)01 Jan 18 (2)

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