Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Challenge day 4: Wrapping up my first challenge

Jan 04 (1)
Jan 04 (2)
Jan 04 (3)
Jan 04 (4)
Jan 04 (5)

When: Monday January 4, 2009

Blue top: Panama
Green skirt: Old Navy
Brown wedges: Panama
Brown purse: Borrowed from my mom
Floral scarf: Old Navy
Brown belt: Panama

For the last day of this weekend challenge, I paired the blue top with the green skirt. Then I added the brown accesories and the floral scarf to tie the two colors together.

Jan 1 (9)
I'm pretty happy with how each 4 looks are different, although its the same items. It goes to show that you dont need a lot of clothes to dress stylish-ly, all you need is a little creativity! Which was your favorite of the four?
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Jan 03 (1)Jan 04 (1)

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