Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing: The Joy of Disney, my new second blog!

11 Nov 20 - The Joy of Disney (1)

Listen up everyone, I have some very exciting news!!! I have been working on a new secret project for several weeks now, and I am so happy to finally share it with all of you....

I have started a second blog called The Joy of Disney!

Yaaaii! I'm so excited! Don't worry, the Joy of Fashion isn't going anywhere... I just started this second blog so that I can express my love for both Fashion and Disney.
11 Nov 20 - The Joy of Disney (2)

Basically, The Joy of Disney is where I will post Disney inspired outfits! In other words, I will use Polyvore to make outfits inspired by Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, or even side characters such as Gus Gus, Figaro, and Flint. I will also post Non-Disney inspired outfits every Sunday.

I hope you will all check my second blog out and will find it fun! I would appreciate the support :)
11 Nov 20 - The Joy of Disney (3)

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