Monday, November 7, 2011

Wrap and Go

Nov 07 (1)
Nov 07 (2)
How cute is my kitty's Peek A Boo in the above picture?!?! He just melts my heart!

Nov 07 (3)
Nov 07 (4)

When: Monday November 7, 2011

Floral Tommy Hilfiger dress: Dorians (Panama)
Color block heels:

Work + Followed up on several projects at home

Can you believe that this is the one and only wrap dress I own? My parents bought it for me a couple of weeks ago, and after getting it tailored, I am finally wearing it for the first time.
Nov 07 (5)
I am loving how easy it is to make an outfit with a wrap dress! It doesn't need a belt and the print is interesting so it doesn't need many accessories... So basically I just put the wrap dress on + a pair of nice heels and go! It really doesn't get easier than that!

Do you own any wrap dresses?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these color block heels:
11 Nov 07

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