Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful white rose

Sept 26 (1)
Sept 26 (2)
Sept 26 (3)
Sept 26 (4)
Sept 26 (5)
Sept 26 (6)
Today is the 24th day of my I Heart Shoes challenge (I'm almost done!). Today I wore these floral Anne Klein heels that somehow remind me of citrus fruit! (Don't ask me why... I'm just weird like that sometimes)

When: Monday September 26, 2011

Top: Zara (Europe)
Yellow skirt: El Titan (Panama)
Floral Anne Klein heels: BMB (Panama)
Red purse: Borrowed from my mom
Butterfly necklace: Present from my brother Mike who lives in Spain (This necklace is made of vintage paper from the 1920's... how cool is that?!)

Work + Dinner date with my boyfriend.

The other day, my boyfriend's mother (who is the sweetest lady ever) gave me this white rose "just because". She is always so sweet and kind. As I saw the rose grow and open up, it turned into the most beautiful white rose I've ever seen.
Sept 26 (7)
This photo really does not do the rose justice. The shape of the rose is just beautiful, with each petal in perfect position. I have spent the last couple of days mesmerized at how beautiful something as simple as a rose can be.

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these floral heels:
09 Sept 26

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