Monday, May 23, 2011

Coincidently the same as last year

May 23 (1)
May 23 (2)
May 23 (3)
May 23 (4)
May 23 (5)
May 23 (6)

When: Monday May 23, 2011

Dress: Target
Black Nine West belt: TJ Maxx
Polka dot pumps: eBay
Purple clutch: El Costo (Panama)
Necklace & Earring set: From this seller on eBay

Work + Shopping online for office furniture (Wait and see how my office turns out!)

As I was preparing the collage of outfits that I post at the end of every-day's daily outfit post, I realized that I wore these polka dot pumps this same day last year! I mean, I have only worn these shoes like 5 times in the last year; and coincidentally one of those days was May 23rd 2010... what are the odds right?!
May 23 (7)

Here is the outfit I wore May 23rd of last year using the same pumps:
05 May 23
I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these polka dot pumps:
05 May 23

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