Sunday, April 24, 2011

Surprise visit from a horse!

April 23 (1)
April 23 (2)
April 23 (3)
April 23 (4)
April 23 (5)

When: Saturday April 23, 2011

Floral dress: Madison (Panama)
Pink collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Brown wedges: Payless Shoe Source

Spent most of the day at my family's house in the countryside and in the afternoon, we drove back to the city.

As I said yesterday, my family's house in the countryside is just so relaxing and wonderful. Apart from the wonderful weather, I think one of my favorite parts of going is seeing all the beautiful flowers and vegetation... It really makes me happy!
April 23 (6)

As I took my daily outfit pictures today, a horse came out of nowhere on our lawn!! It was just walking around eating grass. I really love horses, so I enjoyed looking at him walk around. I hope he visits us again :)
April 23 (7)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral dress:
04 April 23

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