Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's tip of the week: Wear flattering colors!

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Every Monday from now on I will try to post a tip of the week related to fashion, beauty, or just life in general. Let me know if you like this idea or if you have an suggestions!

This week's tip is to try to always wear colors that are flattering for YOU! If you haven't already noticed, some people look great in one color, while others look better in others. Wearing colors that flatter your skin tone, hair, and/or eye color makes the entire outfit look that much better on you.

So how do you figure out what colors look best on you? By trial and error of course! Get a mirror and in a well lighted room place different colors next to your face and see which ones just make you pop. Which ones make you glow? Which ones make your eyes stand out? Which ones make you look healthy and breath-taking?

You can also do this with your mother or a sincere friend by your side that could tell you which colors make your face glow. That way you don't get confused or overwhelmed. My mother is the best person to help me pick my colors because she is very honest and sincere. I have found that green makes me eyes pop and coral makes my face glow. So when I wear those colors, I feel great!

Each and every one of us have a set of colors that make us look beautiful. Its not an exact science, as I said its all about trial and error. Go ahead and give it a try!, you would be surprised at how good you can look with just wearing the right colors!

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